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1) What is a seamless way to invoice clients and receive payments that won't cost me a lot of extra effort and time?  

* Discover the only tool you'll ever need to ensure that you get paid on time, every time.  

2) How do I draw boundaries between what I'm doing in the church and what I'm doing in my business? 

* Learn how to navigate the waters of being crystal clear about what you do & your client base.

3) How exactly do I get clients?  

*Find out the 4 main ingredients you need to have in your coaching funnel to attract high quality clients.  

4) How do I move forward when my cash is low?  

* You'll learn simple things you can do starting today to move forward even if you don't have money yet to level up your business.  

5) How do I appeal to a demographic that may not want to pay for something like coaching?  

*Discover the secret to persuading a stubborn audience and converting spectators to buyers.  

6) How can I convince people to see the value in coaching?  

* Discover how to position yourself on the front end and say what you do with confidence. 

7) How do I make my products and services appealing when it's hard to show they'll produce quantifiable results 

(i.e. get x number of clients in y number of days, earn x amount of money in y amount of days)  

8) How do I market my ministry so that it draws viewers and supporters?  

* Discover the main strategy you can use to successfully blend ministry and marketplace. 

9) How do I get that first paying client? How would I give them the quality material to justify the price of coaching?  

* Learn how to underpromise and overdeliver. 

10) How do I price my services? By time, by a package, monthly, or something else?  

* Discover why pricing by the hour is a short term success strategy only. 

10) How do I find my ideal client and know how to reach them for my specific niche?  

* Learn an easy way to communicate with your ideal clients before they buy. 

11) How do I gain visibility, and be known as a "go-to"

*Discover what you should be doing everyday to gain more visibility.  

12) How do I expand my reach to find potential clients? 

*You'll learn how to expand your circle of influence to attract the right clients. 


I'll walk you through content that gets right to the point:

  • All the formulas for developing your packages, getting rockstar clients, and getting paid.
  • Plus, you'll get training from my coaching sequence about what's working for the leading coaches right now.  


  • How to Get Clients Faster  
  • How to move forward when cash is low  
  • How to set up the payment process  
  • How to price and package your services  
  • How to Find Your Ideal Client and Niche  
  • How to expand your reach so you find potential clients  
  • How to coach with passion

Tricia Prues


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